What is K-Hub

K-Hub serves as a hub for storing and sharing files and reports. Version control on upload means that the latest and most to date file that is shared with everyone will always be available to you and all stakeholders. Easy to implement, easy to use, K-Hub means you get the most out of your investment in primary and secondary research.

Who uses K-Hub?

Internal and external project members
System users requiring access to pass project files
Small and large organisations

Why K-Hub?

Compared to other knowledge management solutions, K-Hub is cost effective, simple to access, use and manage. It can also be integrated into our dashboard solutions to manage documents and reports.

Key features

  • Defined user access - Set up a public folder and save published reports for your internal stakeholders to access, control who sees what
  • Searchable - Supported by an engine that indexes all content uploaded so searches are not just limited to file names but also content.
  • Email upload - Upload files and links via emailAccess shared files and reports anywhere in one central location
  • Easily move information around - You can create, drag and drop files around and also drag and drop files when uploading
  • Tag information - with date and initiator information

How it works

  • Obtain a license to get started
  • Drag and drop
  • Disseminate information to other users