About Us

Twist of Lime is your Insights Technology Partner.  We create and design online solutions that bring you closer to your customers and power your business insights and analytics.

Our business is built on the idea of a seamless research process, from data collection through to insight reporting, where research data and results can be easily accessed online without delay, or without going through multiple third-party providers or software. 

Our products and services have been developed with each component of the research cycle in mind, starting from data collection. 
  • Trigger feedback from your website using Survey Initiator
  • Gather data using Survey Shaper, which is a whole new way of designing and posting an online survey.  Easy (fun) and powerful. 
  • Convert conversations into transcripts using Talk to Text Transcribing for quality transcriptions from a variety of file formats with quick turnarounds
  • Analyse quantitative data using Table Builder, which is an web-based data analysis tool with a user-friendly interface
  • Report results using our dashboards, which enables quantitative and qualitative data to be presented through an interactive reporting platform
  • Manage using K-Hub, which serves as a hub for storing and sharing files and reports and giganttic, which integrates project management and real-time collaboration
We also offer services including reporting dashboard design, development and hosting and solution design through The Lab.  

Contact us to talk about your needs and get a quote, or learn more about our products and services