Report Builder

Wanted. A fuss-free and easy-to-use tool that analyses, charts and presents data in a secure online environment so that you can share data and insights immediately and efficiently. Look no further than Report Builder.
An intuitive alternative to traditional desktop presentation software, Report Builder does the hard work for you then goes the extra mile. Select the variable or field you want to use, select the chart you want to see the data presented in, select the statistics you want to present and save the chart on the workspace alongside other charts you have saved. Add filters if you want to, select the frequency of data updates and change the look and feel of the report so that it is consistent with your company branding (or your client's!). Publish the project and share with your colleagues and clients behind a secure firewall. Then sit back and enjoy the warm glow of satisfaction that comes with an automated report that runs itself as well as happy colleagues and clients who can view and interact with the reports anywhere, anytime, on their mobile devices.