table builder

What is Table builder?

A general purpose tabulation tool for data-analysis. It is an online solution. Once your data is uploaded, you can set up as many tables as you want to cross analyse. You can then merge in new data and al the tables will update to reflect the new data.

Who uses Table Builder?

Table builder can either be used as a standalone data analysis solution or can integrate in our Dashboards for DIY analysis or Survey Shaper to allow more sophisticated 'on the fly' analysis of your survey as the data comes in. It is suitable for research providers, research buyers and academic users, particularly for setting up persistent analysis tables to save time running new output each wave.

Why Table Builder?

Because Table Builder is online, it is a shared environment where your team can co-analyse the survey data. It is able to handle very large data sets and is simple and easy to use.

What are the features and benefits?

  • Multi file format support - Upload data from SPSS, MS Excel, comma delimited and tab delimited files.
  • Automated file uploads - Establish continuous data feeds from fieldwork suppliers.
  • Automated persistent tables - Once set-up, tables update automatically each wave without manual imports.
  • Works like any general statistical or analysis package - Create tables and analyse variables using a familiar interface; Create cross-tabulations with a range of statistics, merge and net, variable groups, standard deviation and median, significance testing. 
  • Work anywhere, with anyone, without installed software - Analyse your results online in your own secure portal within a shared environment.
  • Streamlined work-flow with saved tables, lock tables, feeds and imports, export to MS Excel, access to raw data / data view.

How does it work?

Obtain a license
Upload a file in SPSS or CSV format
Start analysing results
Save tables
Export to MS Excel

View a demo

A demonstration website will be up soon.