What are Dashboards?

Twist of Lime Dashboards are online reports which integrate data from various sources, especially survey data but from any data source. They include a range of reporting features including tab based browsing, charts, filters, DIY table analysis and knowledge management.

Who uses Dashboards?

Research suppliers can set up dashboards on tracking projects to save time that can be more effectively used on thinking about insights. Research buyers can have dashboards set up to integrate internal data with research data from one or more projects to create a single reporting environment.

Why Dashboards?

Being online, dashboards enable continuous access to data to support business decision making. Information is presented in a format which is highly secure, interactive and is designed for each of our client's specific needs. Being fully automated, there is not need manually feed in results once the solution is set up.

Key features

  • Fully designed solution - Tell us what you want, we build it and host it for you
  • Automated data feeds and updates - Results are refreshed as data comes in
  • Integrated - We can work with your IT team to bring in and integrate business performance data with customer data
  • Controlled user access with managed rights - Control who sees the results, especially with drill-down scorecards
  • Interactive charting, intelligent reporting and drill down - Be able to cut results in any way or form instantaneously
  • Text mining and search capabilities - Mine through qualitative feedback quickly and easily. Results presented in interactive word clouds which identify themes.
  • Push reporting - email recipients with highlights when new data is released. This is particularly beneficial when building engagement with senior business decision makers.
  • Multiple elements - We have a library of hundreds of chart formats, many interactive to help you explore your data. We can also implement tables, conditional text (e.g. best and worst), include tables with customer comments sorted by ratings, print to PDF and other formats, implement filters etc.
  • Integrate internal data to the results e.g. sales, site hits etc.

How does it work?

  • We will meet with you to understand your specific reporting requirements and then translate those into a design specification.
  • We build a prototype and work with you to fine tune the console to meet your exact specifications.
  • We can either securely host the console on your behalf or build on our server and deploy to your internal environment.
  • A typical build takes about three to 4 weeks from conceptualisation to design and implementation. The process can take longer if we need to consult with IT specialists in your company to establish datafeeds.
  • The console design can be updated and changed if for example you change a questionnaire or want to change the way the data can be accessed.