What is Talk To Text Transcribing?

An online service, giving quality transcriptions from a variety of file formats with quick turnarounds and an easy pricing structure.

Who are We?

We specialise in Market Research transcriptions for in-depth interviews and Focus Groups. We are Australian based with an experienced team of transcribers who have been working together for Market Research clients since 2008. Not only experienced at transcribing, each of our team have had extensive prior work experience in Australian business within a variety of different industries. We find that depth of experience and wealth of background gives greater understanding and quality transcript as a result.
We have the flexibility and capacity to take on small and larger projects. You can access highly trained individuals on call, as you need. Our transcription process is easy and efficient:
  • You record depth interview or focus group 
  • Obtain quote 
  • You upload audio or AV file (we accept most file formats) 
  • We transcribe for you 
  • We email you transcription in a Microsoft Word file template


We take confidentiality and privacy of your information seriously. We are happy to sign legally binding confidentiality agreements ahead of commencement and destroy all copies of recordings and transcribes on project completion. We also understand the need to keep anonymity of your depth interviewees or focus groups participants. If required we can edit identifying comments out of transcript and replace with "[name"] or "[business name]" references in the text, together with corresponding time stamp for you.


We charge by minute of recording, not by word count or keystroke. The rate is determined by:
  • Number of speakers on recording 
  • Quality of the audio 
  • Excessive background noise, quietly spoken individuals etc 
If you would like additional format features such as: 
  • Individuals first name or gender recognised within group discussions 
  • time stamps next to edited text to keep business name or participant anonymity 
  • Embedded links to quotes so that "sound bites" of phrases or quotes can be heard when collated in final research report. If you like a particular quote we can provide a mini audio file recording of that quote only, down from the original recording file. This can then clicked on when viewing final report to play the mini audio/quote on demand.

How much does it cost?

Our rate per minute of recording is $2.70 AUD for one on one depth interviews (2 speakers) up to $3.50 AUD per minute of recording for groups of 8 or more speakers.

Turnaround times

The time from file upload to email delivery of your transcript is naturally dependant on your requirements and specifications. For a standard transcript we aim to deliver: 
  • One on one depth interviews, up to 1.5 hours recording, within a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Focus Groups transcriptions, of 2 hours or less recording, within a turnaround time of 48 to 72 hours


Please feel free to contact us for a quote for your project. We can assist with specific needs and work with you according to your requirements.